About me

I am Unity developer with a lot of enthusiasm to work. I have some experience, but I'd like to have more.

Gamification is for me everything what can be done to make boring things less boring, from education to working with documentation. The last one is very challenging.

So far, I've created few mini games designed for mobile android and IOS devices. I have also experience with AR applications with Unity and Vuforia.

Here is what I think about my skills:
Xamarin Forms
Stupid ideas that evolve to interesting projects which are made by other people
This is me - IT worker

My work

These are my games, experiments, first steps and tripping



Hurry Knights

Unity 2d game

Our last game. Not so endless runner.

Google Play Link

Crazy Umbrella

Unity 2d game

Our first game. Made with Unity. And with my brother Mateusz. Go Level App Games!

Short Gameplay Video Google Play Link

Jump Hit Repeat

Unity 2d game

2d game made with Unity. I have invested 12$ in graphics. Never fully published. Fortunately, it was Mateusz's money

Short Gameplay Video Google Play Link

Memo Cubes

Unity 3d game

Simple 3d clicker. Made with Unity. Little scary puzzle game. Click in correct order. However I forgot to make tutorial what the correct order is. This is really scary.

Google Play Link

Project name

Unity 2d game

Hard to master and hard to play. 2d game made with Unity. Little scary, little narrative. I remember I tried to do something with native android functions in Java. It ended in the Asset Store.

Google Play Link

Bouncy Houses

Unity 2d game

Never published, however it took about 12 hours to make this game based on FallOff

Short Gameplay Video

Shooting Heads

Unity 2d game

I made few other projects. Abandoned for various reasons, mainly due to lack of time, or made for client and cannot be shown public. In addition to Unity, I also used some WPF, Xamarin Studio, Windows Forms, VBA. Make a game in VBA - this is a challenge..

One is interesting made in Unity and Vuforia AR, but classified.

Short Gameplay Video

Project name

Unity 2d game

This game was made with Unreal Engine... Joking - with Unity:)

Google Play Link

Project name

Unity AR shooter

Simple AR shooter. POC made in 8 hours with Unity and Vuforia.

Short Gameplay Prototype Video

Games and Applications


Creative Thoughts Per Second After Coffee

nights with programming

What other people say
about me

I am always glad to hear what people think about me and my work. Some of them shared with you their insights on our cooperation.

What can I do for You


Games and applications. If you do not decide to cooperate, we can play board games and drink coffee.


If you want to start your adventure wit programming, I can try to show the right way. I am an employee of a company helping people start working in the IT industry, regardless of their age and previous work experience.


I can share my work experience in the IT industry. I have some knowledge about the tools used in the work of a programmer. I also spent some time automating various processes.

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